Kicker take up in seat

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Kicker take up in seat

Post by Jamesc » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:38 am

Hi does anyone have any experience of running the take up for the kicker if it led out to the seat. Advantages, disadvantages, how it is done and rope and shockcord length and size would be great!!

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Re: Kicker take up in seat

Post by petermclaren » Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:16 am

Hi James,

Yes, I have done that and I like the arrangement. I ease off the kicker on my AC at the windward mark, and pull it back in at the leeward mark. The disadvantages are that it can get tangled with jib-sheet which is also led to end of seat and it's more string in the boat!

You obviously need a longer control line to allow it to go to the end of the seat even when you let it all out on starboard at each windward mark and pulled it back in on port as you round up at the leeward mark. I'll have to take measurements on my boat next time I'm there to tell you the lengths I use.


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