Request for documents

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Request for documents

Post by SteveC » Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:24 am

I am looking at adding material to the Resource Centre area of the UK IC website and therefore am looking for articles to include. There is a lot of information around in emails, forum material but not available in one central place.

I am particulalry looking for information on building the various components; seats, carriages, foils. I have some paper copies from the US on much of this but need articles in pdf format or a Word document.

Also on the IC side I have seen some nice articles on designing and building and again would like them in pdf or word format. This is important beacause if anyone is thinking of building an IC for the Worlds now is probably a very good time to get cracking!

Please send me all articles via the PM on this site or email me and I can arrange to FTP the data to the main site.
Steve Clarke (UK)
GBR338 "Money4Nuffin

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