More ideas on dancefloors please...

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More ideas on dancefloors please...

Post by jimc » Thu May 31, 2012 2:35 pm

I've got to start plotting the dancefloor on my new yacht...

I'm conflicted between a number of factors... want to keep the floor low, at least aft of the max forward position of the plank, but want enough freeboard so the deck doesn't immerse with heeling the boat in light airs... I've found with 257 that the corner of a wide stern is especially prone to disappear into the water. I don't think I want an extreme scoop like the first Morrison, because I think I'll just fall into a heap in the middle of the boat... Also how do people find having the seat rails flush with the main floor as opposed to raised up? I think I've seen both approaches...

Share your thoughts please folks:-)

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Re: More ideas on dancefloors please...

Post by SteveC » Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:17 pm


On Sapphire I changed from the M1 design by keeping the floor flat as possible. I dropped the front of the floor by 70mm below gunwale height and this tapers out to 40mm at the BMS. I then rounded off the gunwales just behingd the BMS to meet the floor line extended through to the rear deck of the M1 at the rear frame but then severly cut down the back end of the dancing deck to 40mm from chine. The deck is actually pretty much the same profile as a Nethercott with gunwale extensions.

The end result is a floor which doesn't seem to hold any water when heeled, gives a hugh advantage of providing an upstand to hook your heels behind when trying to get back into the boat - absolutely essential in a new rules boat! I also placed the rails on the deck rather than the gunwale this has the following advantages; makes the gunwale less slippery with no tracks and allows some hefty non skip to be applied (3M as used on 49er); allows boat to be a more natural shape at the gunwales and not a straight line which I think looks crap; keeps centre of gravity lower; gives a very convenient place to put all your elastic takeaway systems; gives more adjustment for track spacing and allows for a carriages be the same width and height as my AC; the tracks can be slightly further back in the boat as they are set well inboard.

By adopting this carriage rail arrangement we now have all the Morrison2 boats (should be 4 by the end of 2012) with a standardised carriage design with centres at 757mm allowing for at least some kind of standardisation. which is good for spares provision espcially when going to International events.

The flatter deck works really well and gives plenty of legroom when sat on the seat inboard without getting canoe sailors hip ache.
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Re: More ideas on dancefloors please...

Post by Outlaw » Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:37 pm

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