Dinghy Show 2019 and new boat news

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Dinghy Show 2019 and new boat news

Post by SteveC » Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:24 pm

A big thanks for all those involved with the show this year especially Andy Biden for organisation, delivering the stand and being there and of course Dave Timson for bring his Morrison3 Bloodhound.

Thanks to Tony, Rob, Alistair, Phil, Perham who manned the stand over the two days.

It was very successful with a great turnout on the Saturday in particular and a great deal of interest.

There are many people out there taking a lot of interest in the class and are now actively looking to buy second hand boats or new. If anyone has a second boat available for sail, please contact me or Tony so we can add the details to the list.

New boats and new people news.......

Glen Truswell former International 14 World Champion will be campaigning GBR321 this year. Looks like competition will be ramping up this year boys so better get out there and practice!

There will be three new M3's launching soon for Steve Bowen, Andy Gordon and Rob Bell.

Three new modified StringTheory Boats being built by the Castle Cove consortium with Alex Knight also a former i14 sailor making boats for Rick Bowers, Martin Robb and himself.

John Ellis will be launching his latest design very soon so that will be very interesting. This one is still very pointy but with a fatter backend I'm told.

New AC sailors Phil North and John Burns joining the fleet so a big welcome to them.

All the new guys should join the forum and introduce themselves and of course get involved with the open circuit. A good opportunity will be the open at Adelburgh or for a more gentle introduction there is the Castle Cove training day on Friday April 26th.

So things are looking great for the class with probably he strongest growth for very many years, lets keep up the momentum and enthusiasm... get involved and come to the events. Its by far the best way of developing your canoe sailing experience and you will learn so much just talking to people and watching how its done, or not as the case may be.
Steve Clarke (UK)
GBR338 "Money4Nuffin

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